Thursday, March 20, 2008

Just an old fashioned update

Well since I don't have much to post, I'll just tell about how life has been lately.
Mitch left on Sunday for work training in Austin, Texas. When he got there, he turned on the TV and watched in wonder as the TV stations were issuing tornado warnings left and right! Hmmm... nothing says welcome to Texas like a tornado huh? Well, lucky for us, nothing ever came near his hotel.
Although he has only been gone for 4 days, it seems like a month! The kids are more difficult to deal with- or maybe I'm just tired and don't get that break at the end of the day when he comes home. It really makes me love and appreciate what a wonderful husband and father he is!

I am just waddling through life! I am about 25 weeks along now. Some good news is that the doctors said our baby boy was measuring big and so they moved my due date from July 7 to June 28! Yeah! Any woman who's had a baby knows this is good news! I am feeling the little guy more regularly lately, it took a while because apparently he is at the very bottom of the placenta.
We are still trying to think of baby boy names. Mitch has his favorites, but I just keep coming up with different ones and he just shakes his head in defeat. It's not that I don't like the names he does, because I do, I just can't decide what sounds good with our last name.
So for all those who are wondering what names we are debating... here they are:
Creed, Cache, Colton (which we think might be too close to Collin), and the newest one (which Cameron came up with) is Cyden... although, I think this is usually spelled with a K instead of a C. So that one is probably out too. So what does everyone think?

Not much has changed with the kids. We are getting ready for Easter this weekend. I also have a wedding cake this weekend, so Easter is pretty much shot. But that's okay, because I never understood what the point of Easter bunnies, baskets and candy had anything to do with the real reason we celebrate Easter. Of course, around Nampa, apparently the reason most people celebrate Easter is because Jesus died. It's weird, strange people come to my door and handout all sorts of stuff about the death of Jesus and that's all they focus on. I feel like handing them a Book of Mormon and telling them what we think Easter is about. But me being the not-so-confident person that I am, usually just take their handout and throw it away as soon as the door is shut. I'm not much of a missionary I guess!
Well I've rambled on enough for now. I gotta go stop the kids from fighting... and Spring Break just started! Great!!!!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

A McClellan Original

Well folks, we finally made it to Cub Scouts and last week was Cameron's first Blue and Gold banquet. It was a "Chinese New Year" theme... only, no one told us it was the year of the rat!
So we decided to make a Chinese Dragon. This was a father and son thing- so no moms allowed! Well, after talking to all the moms, and getting there replies of "yah, right, my husband and son make a cake without my help???" So, I decided that IF they wanted my help, I would help a little, but I wanted to see what they came up with. And now I'm starting to think that Mitch is a better cake decorator than me!
Okay I will admit to helping with the head a little, but it was Mitch's design and Cameron's idea for the face. They did the body out of colored fondant disks (all individually cut out and stuck on) The horns and toe nails were made from vanilla tootsie rolls (they shape up wonderfully) but the coolest part of it all is that this was made up from an idea from their heads- no books or pictures! It's a 100% McClellan original! And it stole the show! Each scout brought a cake and that was the desserts for the night... well, we didn't take one piece home- that's how much the boys all loved it! There were cheesy awards for each cake so no one felt left out, and Cameron's award was "The Greatest Cake". He was one happy little trooper! Here are some shots of the cake: