Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I think I'll go private now

Okay everyone... a good friend of mine just pointed out that some whack-jobs left weird comments on my post about my little angel. Soooo... I think I need to go private- soon! That is just too wierd to me! But if you are on my blog page, I will invite you to it again- I just need your email addresses! Please get them to me asap, because I love to see your updates too!
This is a sad world anymore, an nothing is safe- especially stuff that is so personal!
I love you all and hope to hear from you soon!

P.S.. my cake blog is in the making... it justs takes me a while between me being computer illiterate and my computer just plain being slow!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

My "Baby Boy" is 10!!!

Happy Birthday to my firstborn boy Cameron Mitchell... he is 10 years old!!! Where did that time go? I seriously just had him yesterday it seems!

We started off by letting him open his family gifts... he was pleasantly surprised to get a new Wii game, a DS game, a huge Nerf gun with extra darts, and of course... clothes (not so much fun, but very much needed!)

Then he started his "Discovery party"with a couple of friends who went with him to the Discovery Center of Idaho- they had a blast, especially with the welding machine- go figure.... boys+ fire= lots of fun and entertainement for hours! Thanks Dad for taking him and all the boys- the peace and quiet at our house was rather enjoyable for Madeline and I!

Meanwhile... I got busy working on our masterpiece- I must say, this is probably the coolest cake we've done- I say we, because this cake would not have happened if it weren't for Mitch ( the kids even all pitched in with the planets!) It was rather fun making it and we were very
pleased with the end results!
The Solar System ( no, the planet are not aligned correctly... the cake would have been 5 feet long if we did that... nor are they in order... come on people, it's a dang cool cake anyway!!!)
The planets are made of rice krispy treats and fondant- they were the most poplular of the all the kids! The cake is done in a VERY dark blue buttercream, and flecked with white food coloring to make it look like stars and constellations.
Eating was the best part! Vanilla and chocolate marble with a creamy fudge filling.... yummy!
Happy Birthday buddy... and if you ever ask me to do a cake this big again- you're in big trouble! ( Actually, I loved it... so ask away!)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Kill two birds with one stone!

Kitchen's messy... kid is messy...

Step one: load dishwasher with as many dishes as it can possibly hold.

Step 2: Wash all pots and pans in a sink full of suds.

Step 3: Place child in sink full of suds and accomplish a bath while doing dishes!

(The dishes were pre rinsed so there wasn't big chunks of food sitting in there!)
Clean kitchen+ Clean child= Happy mommy!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wow, forgiveness really does lighten your load!

So this past Sunday was a rough one! If any of you saw my FB posts, I apologize... I was hurt and angry and I probably shouldn't have posted at all; but I am thankful to everyone who helped me feel better.
I was in the Primary secretary calling, and I loved it! I had been in for one year when they called a new President. I was able to keep my calling- and I was happy. But the lady who had been the 2nd counselor since I got put in (we got put in at the same time) didn't like hers and always bugged me to switch callings with her. I told her many many times "no, I like my calling" So on Sunday I get called in and the bishopric counselor tells me that they want me to be the 2nd counselor because she requested to either be released or be the secretary. Our president didn't want to lose either of us, and so she switched us- not knowing how I felt or how I would be affected. Needless to say I blew up and had two bad days... but I finally got down on my knees (with my wonderful awesome husband) and prayed for forgiveness and healing. Well this morning I thought long and hard about accepting this call and I felt peace, and my whole self felt so much better.
So I will now be the Priamry 2nd counselor for who knows how long... I have no clue what to do, but I will do my best. Thanks everyone for loving me through thick and thin! I love you all too!