Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Look Who's Walking Now!!!

(Insert Alleluia Chorus!!!)

Creed did it! He finally started walking! It only took him 15 freaking months, not to mention all his "friends"-(mostly girls) are walking...but he did it!
I know I haven't posted anything on him in a while, and I really dropped the ball when it came to his birthday... but I had a good excuse, I think. He was one sick little boy on his birthday- turns out he had Hand, Foot & Mouth disease! Poor little guy had sores all over his mouth and couldn't eat. So I was going to celebrate his birthday with my family in IF, when we went over for the 4th of July, but then we lost Mia, and poor little Creed got put on the back burner, and I just never got around to it. Sorry sweetheart! Believe me, I will more than make up for it when you turn two!

Some things about our little man:

- He is so dang serious! If you get him to laugh or smile at you, it's a miracle! This is his newest look... enough said!
- He likes to yell- a lot! But not necessarily in anger; when he's happy or excited, and when he's letting us know something important!

- At 12 months, he weighed 22.75 lbs. (50%)
- He was 30.25 in. long (67%)
- He loves to go up and down the stairs following us- Has recently learned to climb up on the furniture by himself!
- Loves to pound on the piano
- Creed LOVES to eat! He's our best eater by far! And speaking of eating... I promised I would post this- a video of Creed and our neighbor "Red"- he loves Creed, and Creed loves Red's beard!... We like to call this "Cotton Candy"

We love our little Creedo!!!