Thursday, November 13, 2008

My weak genes pull through!

I am so excited, I just had to post this! You all know that our kids have all looked exactly alike right? They are all mini- Mitch. I've always thought that the only one I had any say in at all was probably Cameron- he looks more like me than the others, but still so much like Mitch that it's not even funny! Until Mr. Creed came along that is... I had given up on my weak genes when I saw him and thought "yep, he's a McClellan alright". But yesterday, a heavenly glimpse of genetics shone down on me. I had a baby picture of me out because I went to a baby shower, and I had it sitting on the counter. Well Cameron came home from piano lessons, saw the picture and said "why is Creed in a dress?" I was fixing dinner and had my back to him, so I didn't see what he was looking at, and thought meant Creed was in a dress at that moment. I looked at him like he was crazy and said "Creed is right here, and he's not in a dress." He gave me the "I am right and you don't know what you're talking about" look and picked up the picture. He said again "Creed is in a dress... why?" My jaw just dropped! I was speechless! My 81/2 year old son thought my baby picture was Creed! And I have to admit... there is quite a resemblence... right? RIGHT??? Please tell me you see it. Tell me my genes came through just a little bit!

Maybe it's the double chin.. defintely not the dress though. Is't Creed so cute? He's almost 5 months old now. He weighs 16 lsb. 14 oz. and is 26 3/4 inches long. He's a big boy and so dang cute! He has deep blue eyes like his sister which we hope he keeps. He finally laughed at 4 months old! It took that long to get him to laugh! But that has got to be the sweetest sound in the world! Well here's a few more pics of us to catch up:
Our happy little guy
Some pics from Halloween- sorry so late about this post:
Madeline just couldn't decide what costume to wear: Winter Belle, or Ariel (notice the red hair?)
Cameron was the Red Ninja- look out!
Collin was a pirate- what else with that missing tooth?!
And our little tiger- wasn't too thrilled with the costume after a while.

Monday, November 10, 2008

My First Tag

Can you believe it? I've never been "tagged" before on someone's blog, and if I have, I just plain don't remember it... but my friend Janeal tagged me and so I thought "hey, why not? It could be fun... or not." So we'll see. Here goes:

8 Things I am Passionate About:
(note... for those of you who really know me, I am not a passionate person, so let's just say "8 things I really love")
1. My husband (and best friend) Mitch
2. My four children
3.My family- especially my sisters (but my brothers rock too, so do my parents!)
4. My friends
5. Baking- especially at Christmas!
6. Going on vacations
7. The Gospel
8. Decorating cakes and cookies

8 Words or Phrases I say a lot:
1. Holy Moley!
2. freakin
3. oh garbage!
4. no problem
5. Okey Dokey
6. What the crap?
7. I love you
8. What the...!

8 Things I want to do before I die:
1. Go on a cruise with my whole family!
2. Get out of the house we are in
3. Get out of debt
4. Get back to the temple (it's been a while- oops)
5. Take my kids to Disneyworld
6. Serve a mission with Mitch
7. Go back to a Culinary School to be a pastry chef
8. Travel with my hubby

8 things I've learned in my life:
1. Don't say things when you are angry, cool off first before speaking (I'm still working on this one)
2. I can't just eat what I want- it did catch up with me
3. Prayers are answered
4. Trials do happen, it doesn't mean God doesn't love you
5. Stay close to family- they're all you have in the end
6. Lies will always slap you in the face
7. Happiness is contagious
8. Smile, if you don't, everyone always thinks you're in a bad mood!

8 Places or things I would love to see:
1. Conference center at Temple Square and the park on top (I have never seen them!)
2. Italy (again)
3. Alaska (as a cook for my Dad's fishing trips)
4. Broadway Musical "Wicked"
5. Church history sites
6. My kids married in the temple
7. Hawaii (again)
8. Me, at the weight I was when I got married, and Mitch's face when I look like that again!

8 Things I currently need or want:
1. Alone time with Mitch -a date would be nice
2. My nails done
3. Money, Money, Money
4. To lose weight
5. The motivation to lose weight
6. To see my family
7. To be a better singer
8. Another cruise

8 People I Tag:
Whoever wants to do this- it definitely makes you think about things! Kind of fun too, but I think I'll wait a while before doing another one.