Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Finally an update!

Okay, okay, I know it's been a while since I posted, but not a whole lot has happened for a while. I thought I'd just do a quick catch up before my life gets too hectic in the next little while - which I will definitely post about.

Mitch is still working hard for us at Idaho Power. He loves it and is doing rather well. He is a lot more happy now that he takes the bus and doesn't have to deal with all the "idiot drivers" on the freeway. He is still (I think he always will be) the Stake Financial clerk and loves that too! Talk about being in your element! He loves his family and loves to play with the kids. He's the best (in my opinion) husband and father in the world!
I am doing fine. Still prego, and apparently showing at three months! There is something terribly wrong with that and it's just not fair! Although I am in a fair amount of denial and tell people "I'm not showing, it's just my leftovers from Creed being pushed out!" I think I may need to apply to be on The Biggest Loser when this is all over! Especially since we are taking a cruise in 2010- I'm going to need a big break by then!
I've been feeling good as far a the pregnancy goes, but the past couple of days I have been sick with horrible body aches, chills, fever and deep chest cough. Of course, it has to be when I can't take anything except good ol' Tylenol. And I would rather suffer through whatever I may have than go to a doctor and have them tell me "there's nothing I can do for you, but have a great day and oh, that'll be $150.)
I am liking my calling of the Primary Secretary. It's fun to see all the kids and the different personalities they each bring. I also like being able to see how naughty my kids are being!

Cameron is doing well. He turned 9 in January and is in the 3rd grade. He's still a smart kid, but sometimes can be rather a bully... I call him a nerd bully. One day he kicked a boy because the boy ignored him when he told him to say the vowels. Sigh! We are working on his attitude, but the whole "Golden Rule" thing just doesn't seem to stick in his head.Cameron at a party playing the game of getting the lifesaver out of the flour... he said later that the lifesaver wasn't worth it!

Madeline turned 7 in February. Her two front teeth FINALLY grew in after 4 long years... and of course they came in just as crooked as can be. Look out orthodontics... here we come! She can be such an angel, except when she doesn't want to be. I found my first hate note the other day (mom, stop laughing) and Mitch made her write "I will not be a mean girl" 10 times- it was rather effective if I do say so myself! She sobbed the whole time and kept saying "I'm so sorry". She loves drama! And she loves Creed! She makes him laugh more than anyone!Madeline's big birthday present... a big bike with matching helmet- she's just a little afraid to ride it since it's so much bigger.
Collin is still my fireball and keeps us laughing! I swear every family needs one and he is ours! He is fun and frustrating to have around the house. I will definitely need to put him in preshool since he doesn't go to kindergarten until next year! Yes, I will have three kids at home! He's good to help with Creed, although he can't pick him up yet- we'll have to work on that. He is very smart and we love him dearly.

Creed is now 8 1/2 months old, and pretty much doing nothing! He just barely learned to roll over. He did get his two bottom teeth at Christmas time and his top two just now came through a couple of days ago. He won't put any pressure on his legs (spitting image of Cam) but he can sit up. We aren't worried about him because we went through the same exact thing with Cameron when he was a baby. So we are just going to hope that he is at least walking before the new baby comes! What a cute boy though... even though he's still rather fussy, we love him and his big blue eyes just melt us!

Check out these baby blues! Isn't he a doll?! And here's the reason for the crankies lately... can you see his little teeth? I couldn't get the top ones, he likes to bite and scream!

And that's all for a little bit, we'll let you know how Creed's surgery goes on March 27... until then keep posting, I enjoy reading all of your blogs!