Thursday, May 7, 2009

My baby is growing up!

Where in the world does time go? I swear I just came home from the hospital with Creed (at least I still look like I did!) And now, lo and behold, he's 10 months old, well, he'll be 11 this month anyway!
Creed has decided that he is done with the baby food business... he wants the real stuff and he wants whatever it is that we are having! How do we know this? It may be the tantrums he throws when placed in his high chair and he sees the jars of baby food... it may be the drooling and staring at us while we eat, along with the accompanied grunting and squawking... who knows what it is; all we know is that he won't be quiet until he gets what he wants!
So today I discovered he LOVES ravioli (Chef Boyardee... mmmm) it was his first try with this stuff and I must say, he did rather well!
Step 1: Dump contents of bowl on the high chair, smear with hands, and rub all over bib and face... all before eating one bite!

Step 2: devour whole bowl of ravioli in the time it takes Collin to eat two bites!

Step 3: Inspect bowl by turning over (again) and sticking it on your head!

Step 4: Give mom the devilish grin telling her I love her but she gets to clean it all up and give me bath-time!

I just adore this cute and very serious little man!