Monday, August 17, 2009

Y-Not Tri...

Sure why not? Mitch thought as he was asked by a buddy to do this mini triathalon. "How hard could it be?" So he began his training and working out, eating healthier, and of course losing weight (without trying- grrr!)

The race date was scheduled for Aug. 6, it was 1/4 mile swim, 6 mile bike ride, and 2 mile run... sound fun? Not to me, but Mitch had fun training for it and race time came and we were there to support him and cheer him on-- in the rain!

Mitch in his sexy swim outfit! Hee hee!

There were hundreds of men in the water (it was the mens division) and let me just say... yuck! That pond water was so nasty smelling! He told me he wanted to puke a couple of times during the race from getting water in his mouth Gross! I lost him right as the race started, but it was so funny to see all these guys trying to swim and beat everyone around them when there was hardly any room! Good job babe! (Mitch is the one in the middle, not the one standing up!!!)

Next was the biking portion. He would have done a lot better had he not decided to get totally dressed to get on his bike! Other guys were biking in their speedos and Mitch not only gets completely dressed, but he also gets dressed slowly! He made it through the bike portion in good time, but he was tired and slowing down... he said he was so tired by the time the running part was over, that he wanted to collapse- but he made it! He did so good- much better than I could do!

When people ask him how he did, he replies with a smile on his face, "well, I didn't come in first... but I didn't come in last either, and I didn't die!" So there you have it folks! Mitch did his first TriAthalon. I asked him if he would do it again and he said he would definitely do this one, but not one any bigger! Hey, someones gotta do the small ones- we'll leave the Iron Man's for all you diehards out there!

Good job babe! We are so proud of you!

The kids "chillin" in the rain during the race- they were (soaked)troopers!

Our family... happy that the race is done and we could all go home and take warm baths and showers!