Monday, December 29, 2008

A Very Merry Christmas!

Well here it is, December 29... is Christmas really over? When did it begin? Am I the only one who thinks time is flying by waaaay to fast? I finally got my act together and got ready for Christmas- ready or not, it was here. And despite the behavior of my not-so-well-behaved children (a lot of the time) Santa visited our home.

Christmas morning brought many smiles and surprises beyond belief! Cameron has been asking Santa for 3 years now for a puppy. I suppose Santa thought Cam was ready to take on this responsibility- although mom is having second thoughts now. Mitch and I told him to not get his hopes up and have a backup plan just in case- so he went with the old stand-by: books and Wii games. So much to his delight and surprise on Christmas morning, he wakes up to wimpering! (We had the video camera strategically placed to see his face while we were still in bed) He came out to see what the sound was- stopped dead in his tracks, stared, and turned and ran up stairs. This is what we heard:
Cam: (in excited half whisper, half yell): Dad, Mom, I got, I got... a new puppy!
Me: (in a sleepy voice... hee hee) What? What do you mean, like a stuffed animal puppy?
Cam: (hysterical) no, a real live puppy! Come see, come see!
Then he tears back down the stairs, followed closely by all of us, since he had everyone in the house awake by now. And sure enough, in it's own little kennel, was a tiny little Mini-Pin. The kids said he was such a little pipsqueak... so we named him Pip. Here he is and as you can see, he thinks he's the king of the household!

Creed has his own personal bodyguard!

We are having fun with him, but he is a puppy and he likes to chew, nip, pee and poop where he isn't supposed to. But we will work it out and we think he'll be fun for our family.

Madeline was the easy one to buy for this year! She asked for an EZ Bake Oven and that's what she got! Okay there were a couple of bonuses with it.. lot's of extra packets of things to bake, and also a frosting pen decorator-- she's walking in my footsteps! Yea! She was so excited to because she got chapstick from my mom and dad and she LOVES chapsticks! Oh, and let's not forget her HSM nightgown- I didn't even know she knew what High School Musical was! Get with the program mommy!!! Yikes- she's growing up too fast!

Collin was easy as well since he only had one request... one pricey request that is! But since he only wanted one thing, we felt compelled to give in to his demands :0) He wanted Spike the Dinosaur. And boy does he love it! It was set up and roaring to go (no pun intended) and Collins face was all smiles on Christmas morning. He got a few other things, but this was definitely his favorite!

Collin also got a big pack of dinosaurs from Grammy and Papa- can you tell what this little man likes?! I think he was very happy with his Christmas.
As for Creed... he got a couple of things, but he mostly just wanted his bottle and back to bed- he's not an early morning baby, but we did get some cute shots of him before he crashed again!

Creed turned 6 months old on Dec. 23. What a little ball of fun! He is the cutest little guy, but he has been really fussy lately. I wondered if he was teething and last night when he was the worst he's ever been ( I couldn't even console him) and his little cheeks were rosy, I really thought he was teething. This morning, I noticed a little bit of white on his bottom gums... sure enough, he cut a tooth! His first one- and I think he's the earliest one of our kids to do so this early! What a trooper- I can' t imagine how that would feel to a baby. I love teething tablets and Tylenol! His six month appt. is on Friday, so we'll see how big he is now- I'm sure somewhere close to 20 lbs.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a great 2009!

Oh, I almost forgot... Mitch got me a beautiful curio cabinet to put all my trinkets and nice things. He is so thoughtful!

He even filled it for me while I got to take a nap on Christmas day! That was almost the best gift he and the kids could give me- quiet time and a nap! I'm sure all mom's agree with me!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Time Flies!

Where on earth does the time go?! It can't be the (almost) middle of December already can it? That came way too fast and I'm just not ready for Christmas!
It seems that ever since Thanksgiving, life has just been a huge whirlwind for me. We went to IF for Thanksgiving and had lots of fun with family doing what our family does best... making fabulous food and we even had a day of candymaking for what was meant to be for all the girls- but somehow we only ended up with me, my mom and my sis Katie. But we had fun and got lots of Christmas candy made.
At the end of the week, we went to Mitch's moms house and played games and visited. Mitch got carried away wrestling with his younger brother and cracked a rib... not fun! Especially since he came down with Bronchitis- that doesn't feel to swell on the rib! He has a nasty sounding cough and it doesn't seem to be getting any better, even with antibiotics- so keep him in your prayers please!
I have been up to my earballs in Enrichment- planning our RS Christmas dinner is tomorrow (the 9th) and I am in charge of the program this year. Talk about stress! If I hadn't dyed my hair on Saturday, I'm sure I'd have a full head of white hair! But... just because I felt like I finally had a grip on my calling (it's only taken me two years! :0) the bishop decided to go and switch my calling! I am now the Primary Secretary... yikes! I've never done anything like that before! I hope the Lord will bless me to do well and who knows... maybe this will help me become a bit more organized! Anyway, that's a run down of my life the past week or two. The kids are doing well- Creed is starting baby food and loving it! He especially loved the french fry that Aunt Joni slipped him (sigh!)
Well if I don't get around to sending Christmas cards, I apologize to you all! I love you and wish you the Merriest Christmas and a wonderful new year too. I'm not saying I won't send one, I just don't know if I'll get around to it, but I'll try!