Thursday, November 13, 2008

My weak genes pull through!

I am so excited, I just had to post this! You all know that our kids have all looked exactly alike right? They are all mini- Mitch. I've always thought that the only one I had any say in at all was probably Cameron- he looks more like me than the others, but still so much like Mitch that it's not even funny! Until Mr. Creed came along that is... I had given up on my weak genes when I saw him and thought "yep, he's a McClellan alright". But yesterday, a heavenly glimpse of genetics shone down on me. I had a baby picture of me out because I went to a baby shower, and I had it sitting on the counter. Well Cameron came home from piano lessons, saw the picture and said "why is Creed in a dress?" I was fixing dinner and had my back to him, so I didn't see what he was looking at, and thought meant Creed was in a dress at that moment. I looked at him like he was crazy and said "Creed is right here, and he's not in a dress." He gave me the "I am right and you don't know what you're talking about" look and picked up the picture. He said again "Creed is in a dress... why?" My jaw just dropped! I was speechless! My 81/2 year old son thought my baby picture was Creed! And I have to admit... there is quite a resemblence... right? RIGHT??? Please tell me you see it. Tell me my genes came through just a little bit!

Maybe it's the double chin.. defintely not the dress though. Is't Creed so cute? He's almost 5 months old now. He weighs 16 lsb. 14 oz. and is 26 3/4 inches long. He's a big boy and so dang cute! He has deep blue eyes like his sister which we hope he keeps. He finally laughed at 4 months old! It took that long to get him to laugh! But that has got to be the sweetest sound in the world! Well here's a few more pics of us to catch up:
Our happy little guy
Some pics from Halloween- sorry so late about this post:
Madeline just couldn't decide what costume to wear: Winter Belle, or Ariel (notice the red hair?)
Cameron was the Red Ninja- look out!
Collin was a pirate- what else with that missing tooth?!
And our little tiger- wasn't too thrilled with the costume after a while.


JANEAL said...

I can see the're not crazy! What a cutie pie!


he is definitely your son! -such a cutie!

Amber said...

Yes, he does look like you. Pretty good resemblence too! He's adorable. So is his mommy.

Miranda said...

I love that both of you have those chubby cheeks, I agree I think Creed looks like you. Please let's get together over Thanksgiving! Call me!

Katie said...

What?!? You don't have weak genes! Your genetic code is simply too nice to Mitch's, so he gets all the say! It doesn't help that you are both dark and cute parents, so it is hard to tell on the kids! I do see a lot of Creed in you though! It would have been a ringer if Creed had had his hair pulled up in a little finger curl like yours was! See you soon! Love Katie

Lacey said...

Yep! I see it! He DOES look more like you than Mitch, finally, it only took 4 times to get one thought! Geez! =)

Thibodeau fam, Aug.2007 said...

Wow I am slow at checking this. The answer to your question is YES!!!! He looks so much like his Mommy, all of your kids do. So I'm not sure who is telling you otherwise...MITCH???? Are you coming for Thanksgiving or Christmas? I would love to get a few of us together...maybe Jenn, Miranda, Seri, Lisa....well whoever is here.
Let me know. I will be in Utah on Thanksgiving till Sun, maybe Mon, Tues or Wed's of that week? If not Christmas???

Jenn J. said...

He TOTALLY looks like you. Hooray for weak genes!! I think the chubbiness is definitely hereditary, and ADORABLE! I agree with Nat, let's get together. I'll be in I.F. for Thanksgiving and part of Christmas.

ksujosie said...

I think he does look like you more- he is getting stinking cute. Maybe i'll run into you at Kohl's again...ha!