Monday, April 27, 2009

the cutest dang kids in the world!

How is it, that one minute you can think your kids are little monsters and you want to string them by their toes, and the next minute you could just eat them up because they are so cute??? It's no wonder women dye their hair! Between kids and hubbies... I'm surprised we have hair at all! Now this may sound like I am angry with both, but that's not the case. I was just wondering how it's possible to feel that way in such a short amount of time.
Actually, today was a great example of one of those days:

I needed to make a sheet cake for a baptism preview that our Primary presidency put on for the kids getting baptized this year. So I bake the cake... no problem.... I have Mitch help me cut the cake in half to fill it... no problem... but then Mitch took off to go home teaching before I could get him to help me put the top back on straight. So my options were to either do it myself, or, have Cameron help me guide it in to place. I chose the latter and it was a very learning experience! I told him to hold the cake and guide it to the right corners while I slid it on... he apparently thought I said "grab the cake and pull the corners down." So the cake rips almost in half, and I'm stuck trying to slide it back to the right spot. I handled the situation very well if I do say so myself... I calmly yet firmly told all the kids to get out of the kitchen right now! Then they left and I blew up! Poor Mitch, I've never seen him come home from an appointment so fast! But the cake turned out and no one ever knew- frosting can hide anything! Thank goodness!
A few minutes after being kicked out, Cam comes back in to the kitchen, and comes up to me and puts his arms around me and says "I'm sorry for ruining your cake mom". Talk about a "I want to hide in a hole" moment! I told him it wasn't his fault, things like this just happen, but it wasn't his fault. So we both felt a lot better and the cake turned out beautifully.

So after leaving Mitch with the kids for 5 hours, between the baptism preview and my choir concert, I come home and all the kids are in their jammies and ready for bed! But Collin is in the living room as I come in and this is what I hear in his sweet little voice... "hello lovely, I'm so glad you're home!" Aww, sometimes it's really nice to be a mother!

So there you have it... they really can be sweet kids- monsters at times, but the sweetness is there. Too bad we have to blow up or leave for a while to have it come to the surface!


Nichelle said...

I know excatly what you mean. I try to be calm but sometimes I can't help losing my cool. I think that most of the time my kids are pretty good but they have their days when I think that they are complete monsters!!

Miranda said...

Glad the cake turned out! Being a Mom sure comes with all kind of emotions!

Toni said...

I agree nothing can make you feel better/worse than your kids. The only problem is that now I am in the mood for cake. Dang you!

Lacey said...

I know exactly what you feel! I had a bad day yestersay, and then minutes after freaking out, the best day too with lots of love from the kids! motherhood is not for wusses!!

Amber said...

I'm just wondering why the heck you are making a cake while trying to take care of 4 kids and pregnant with your 5th. Sheesh....can we say SUPER MOM!

Jenn J. said...

I agree on the super mom thing! Phew! You make me tired. :)
I hear you on the motherhood thing. One minute my kids are driving me nuts, and the next minute I'm loving them to death, feeling bad about being driven nuts! Glad I'm not the only one! :)