Friday, July 17, 2009

Kids will be kids

So we have been trying to make some normalcy of our lives, and the best way to not constantly be grieving is to keep busy. Being outdoor really helps me, so I thought I'd start taking my kids to the park just down the road from our house. You know, get some fresh air and enjoy the summer weather, kids get free lunches, and their favorite part of the whole thing... catching frogs in the mosqito infested swamp/pond.
Here is there final work... I personally think it's disgusting, but even the girls seemed to love it! EEEEWWWW!
The many, many frogs all the kids caught... we only took 4 home, which somehow escaped (thanks Mitch)

Cameron, Collin, Madeline, Emily, Maggie, and Lilli

Creed not quite sure what to think about it all.
Aren't kids disgusting?! But if it makes them happy, then it's all good!


Chandler said...

that's funny. Those are some really cute pictures though. Maybe one of these days when it's not blazing hot, we'll meet you at the park.

kjjaco5 said...

Arent they cute!! My kids would have LOVED it also!!!

Lacey Green said...

I am just so sad that Cameron had to get so many mosquito bites on his legs! Poor Boy! It was fun though!

Jenn J. said...

It's good to see you guys getting back up on your feet. It looks like such fun! I tried to call you the other day, but I missed you. I'll call back again soon! :)