Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hawaii 2009 (part one)


Finally! I am sitting down to post about Mitch and I's fabulous trip to Kauai, HI. We were so blessed to be able to go with our wonderful brother and sister (in law) Buzz and Jenn. We had an absolute blast the whole time! I am probably going to break this down into parts of our trip so I don't overload anyone with pictures... so without further ado...

We arrived late Saturday night and it was pouring rain- warm rain! So we just drove to our hotel and went to sleep since it was really 2:00 a.m. our time- it was 10:00 Hawaii time. Here is the villas that we stayed in called the Princeville Westin- gorgeous! I didn't' get a picture of their pool area, and that was absolutely beautiful! We swam and played in that area on Sunday.

You can't see it in this picture, but the ocean is in the background- we were on the coast! And the weather is beautiful here- my camera was on the fritz!

One thing Kauai has in abundance (and we thought it was a joke that the airline people were telling us) in chickens and roosters! I swear! They had to have more roosters running around than Hawaiians!!! Oh, and let's not forget the frogs! They liked to come out at night, but those suckers were big!

Sunday we played in the rain for half the day at Hanalei Bay, but I forgot my camera- dangit! the waves were HUGE!!!! Mitch really wanted to play in those waves, but I think he underestimated the powerfullness of them! Plus, we didn't have our suits on as we were just touring at that time.

Monday was one of our best days there... it was forecasted to rain all week, but we saw nothing but clear blue skies! We took a 6 hour catamaran tour of the Na'Pali Coast, and MAN was it worth it!

Here we are on the front of the catamaran- best seats there and no one else dared! We totally scored!

The valley of the Na'Pali Coast- what is so cool about this coast, is that it is not inhabited, and never has been! Just lush and green and so amazingly gorgeous! My camera seriiously didn't do it justice at all! (If you look closely, you can see a waterfall in the middle of the valley)

A tunnel in the middle of the rock - oh, by the way, this is where a lot of films were made - South Pacific- we were right by the beach where she "washed that man right out of her hair"! Also, the start of Jurasic Park was filmed here, and a lot of others that I can't remember. A very popluar, beautiful place!

This cave was so awesome! I have a picture of Mitch and I by this, but no one is allowed to see it because I look like a whale! So just enjoy the awesomness of this picture- the falls are coming from the mountain- and you can't see it, so it looks even cooler!

The highlight of the catamaran tour was the dolphins! I was the lucky one who spotted them in the distance- I saw fins and thought they were sharks- the guide had a lot of fun with that one!! But we were able to get video of the coolest thing ever! They came right up to us and were literally swimming at our feet- we could have touched them if we dared, and they were so amazing!!!

After the tour, we came back to the hotel, cleaned ourselves up and went to a nice dinner with a gorgeous atmosphere at a place called Keoki's.

Tuesday we went to a place called Waimea Canyon. They call it the "Grand Canyon of Kauai" and it did not disappoint! My camera did, but hopefully you get the picture... no pun intended! :0)

This little farm house was clear down in the bottom of this valley- it was tiny! We had no idea how it even got there, or how they get out because there was not a thing around!

The "Grand Canyon of Kauai"

Looking down in the valley on the other side of the Na'Pali Coast

That's all for today, stay tuned for more this week! (I have to post all my Hawaii trip so I can post about Halloween and the kids before it gets too late!)


Lacey Green said...

AWESOME video!!!
I loved the excitment in both your's and Mitch's voices!!! I felt like I got to enjoy a special moment with you too!! Very cool!!! Awesome pictures, too bad you didn't upload them in a large format so we could really see how huge those frogs were!

Chandler said...

SO COOL! Looks like you had so much fun! I love the pics of you two together. You look great!

Lara said...

I love these pics! Soon it will be me and you in the pics while we make our hubbies take our pictures! Can't wait!