Monday, March 22, 2010

Madeline's Big Birthday

I can't believe my baby girl is 8 already!!! Madeline turned 8 in Feb. and had a huge birthday party with a Hannah Montana theme... complete with photo shoot with lifesize Hannah cutout, arts and crafts galore, and Karoke/dancing under the (real) disco ball! They had a blast, and I was so glad to be rid of those 10 giggly girls! Talk about drama! But they were all adorable.

Morning of her birthday she couldn't wait to wake up and open presents... still in her jammies!

Hannah Montana (anyone in need of a Hannah cutout? give me a call!)

The picture frame the girls decorated so we could put their picture in it- sorry about the glare off the picture!
And at the end of her big day... she crashes with her new treasures
More to follow on her baptism day!


Toni said...

You are old! Ha ha ha just kidding. Crazy that she is 8! Hey we are coming this week, wed-sat, you gonna be there to play? B was supposed to e-mail you or call u, but sometimes, he gets busy and forgets. You can e-mail me

Lacey Green said...

precious! I love that her arms are around her scriptures!!

Rob said...

Jenn says I can't ask you for the Hanna Montana cutout, because I would hang it over our bed. Eeewww. Actually, she's just not my type.

Cute pics of Madeline though! Can't believe she's baptized already. Crazy...

We miss you guys!

Jaymie Quigley said...

That was the coolest 8th party ever.