Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Carlie, the not-so-brave of heart...

Why does it seem like every time I even hear the words "blood drawn" does my heart go into convulsions and I dread the appointment with every fiber of my being? Hmmm.... it may be because every time I get my blood taken, whether it be a stupid finger prick or the full needle in the arm, I pass out! (well maybe not every time, I think I've made it through once without passing out!) Seriously! If I am not laying down, you can count on me to be slumped over in my chair or with my head in the trash can puking, cold sweat, dizzy... the works!
I am any nurses nightmare! I have these teeny tiny veins, which I adamantly warn them about beforehand. But they are bound and determined to "get their job done". After examining each arm and hand numerous times, at which point my arms are numb from all the tapping they do to try to find my veins, they not-so-confidently decide that they "think" they have found one that might work.
At this point, I brace myself for the worst, and remind myself to breathe!
Then comes the stick, and shortly following, is the cold sweat, and you can take it from there!

So after recovering, she asks me if I am ready to try it again! I look at her and think (to myself) that I'd rather just have her cut my whole arm off than try that again! But she is now convinced that it will work if I lay down. Then the process starts all over again, but I am spared the embarrassment of passing out- "A victory" I think to myself, but then the reality comes crashing down on me... yes, she finally pulled the needle out of my arm, but she never did find the vein!!

So what does the nurse do? She packs up her stuff and says, "maybe we'll have more luck on Thursday, I'll be here at noon".

Sigh... more dreaded anticipation, oh well, just keep breathing and for heaven's sake... let me lie down!!!
P.S. this blood work is for our Life Insurance.. nothing is wrong with me, other than I am retartded when it comes to having my blood drawn!


Kara Whitworth said...

The worst part about all of that, the dentist too, is that you (or sometimes your ins.) are paying them to do that to you. Make a note to yourself to turn down the offer for a spinal tap.
Love ya guys,

Jenkins Family said...

Poor, poor Carlie. How is it you are so queasy still after having three kids?! You'd think with all the poking and prodding they do, you'd be an expert when it comes to needles. :) Oh well... I'm sorry to hear they tortured you and then left you to anticipate some more. Wear a sweater and drink some hot chocolate before you go. :) They say raising your body temperature helps your veins expand. Could be an old wives tale... but you never know if you don't try!

Rob said...

Well, at least you'll never be a drug addict with such small veins! There's a bright side to everything, eh?