Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Victory!!

Well after a full day of fretting and drinking tons of water, the shot lady shows up at my door. To make a not-quite-so-long story much shorter... she came, attempt #1 in the arm failed- dang-it! She spots an eager looking candidate in my right hand, lays me down, rubs, taps, and pokes... I emerge victorious! We have a successful blood withdrawl. And no fainting this time!!!
So everybody all together... inhale slowly and exhale... feel the relief! That is, until the next shots time comes around!


Leisel said...

This is where I am very lucky... my veins are HUGE and so it makes it so easy to give blood. I guess thats why they ask me to do it so often.

Katie said...

Vein, Vein, Vein... Vein of fools...that's the sound of a man workin on the vein're so "vein" you probably think this song is about you don't you (don't you!)
So I got carried away, I am just glad that you didn't pass out!