Thursday, February 21, 2008

My First Earthquake

Well I was laying in bed this morning, Mitch was running late for work and still happened to be home. He was just getting the kids up at 7:15 and I was awake, but just laying there, when all the sudden I felt my bed shaking. My first thought was that one of my kids was at the end of my bed quitely moving it, but when I looked up, of course... no one was there.
My second thought was "Hmmm... weird, probably an earthquake- ya right" then I put my hand on the wall behind our bed, and sure enough, I could feel our house shaking too! I thought "Holy Crap, we are having an earthquake!"
So I called to Mitch and he came in, but by that time it had stopped. He never felt anything and looked at me like I had sprouted horns when I told him I thought we just had an earthquake. The kids of course didn't feel anything either, so I thought I was losing it. Then Mitch was pulling out of the driveway and came back in to tell me that I was right after all, it was an earthquake!

The weird thing is that in the past week, a meteor has fallen (though I can't remember where in the U.S.), we had a lunar eclipse last night (that Cameron thought was totally cool) and now today we have an earthquake!!! What is going on??


Annette said...

Pretty weird that you felt the earthquake. I was getting kids ready for school this morning and listening to the radio. We didn't feel a thing, but a woman called the radio station and asked the dj if she felt the earthquake. Shortly after that, they announced that there was one over in Nevada. I did feel one a couple of years back and it was a very weird feeling!

Jenkins Family said...

Weird! I didn't even know they had earthquakes in Boise. Who knew? :) I'm glad it was small and nothing/no one broke or got hurt. I would have been a little freaked out I think!

cathi stanger said...

Well Car, there have been many references to earthquakes in the last days in the Book of Mormon as well as Revelations, etc. Myself, I think they're kind of cook. When I was in 5th grade there was an earthquake one morning just before I got up to get ready for school that bounced me and my little bed all over the bedroom. When it stopped I was in a completely different spot in the room. It did turn out to be tragic, however, because it happened up near Yellowstone, and many people were buried alive and others killed. That is how Hebgan Lake was formed. Imagine feeling an earthquake like that in Brigham City, Utah.

Rob said...

That's cool (in a weird way) that you felt the earthquake. Jenn called and said it happened, but she didn't feel anything. I'm glad it was not a huge one - although 6.0 is big enough for me!

If a truly big one hits Salt Lake - and scientists are saying that we're overdue - then we're in trouble, because our house is in a zone that seismic maps have colored orange - red is the worst.

Pray y'all.