Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What's In a Name?

*Note... we tried to keep this G to PG, but it may have ended up PG-13, forgive us if it get's a little crude*

The Unit


Twig n' Berries

Pee Wee and the Newborns

Lil' Smokie

Schlong (or schlort)

Ding Dong


Pink Slinky

Trouser Snake



Pee Pee


(If we've missed your personal favorite, feel free to humor us!!!)

Whatever you wanna call it... he's got it! Yep, IT'S A BOY!!!

I wasn't surprised, I kind of thought it would be a boy the whole time. Mitch was happy with the news, but I think deep down he wanted a girl- just to even the score. Cam didn't really care, he just wanted to get home and play Mario Galaxy. Madeline was down right mad at the ultrasound tech! She told her that she wanted a baby sister! And Collin's prediction of having a baby "bwudda" was right on the mark, so he was happy.

Now, as for names... we are sticking with the "C" names for boys. We have a name that we like the best so far, that wasn't already taken by friends, family or their dogs...
If anyone has any good "C" names for boys that you'd like us to consider, we'd love your input!


Annette said...


Jarrett calls his unit a "mushroom," but only when it is standing at attention. At all other times, it is a "ding-ding." My girlfriend firmly believes that we should teach our children the proper terms for their anatomy. I am such a bad mom!

So, since it won't be a Marlee, what name are you leaning toward?

Jenkins Family said...

CONGRATULATIONS on another little blue bundle! He'll be just as cute as the other ones. :)
What name is it you like? Congratulations again, and tell Madeline that she's glad it's not a girl... that just means she'd have to share some of that girly spotlight! (Trust me, I know! :))

cathi stanger said...

How about "Carlile" (after his mom)



Amber said...

You are hilarious girl!!! I love it. Congrats on the baby boy.

mom2jjk said...

Hi Carlie, I am Melissa, Miranda's sister and I had to sneak a peak at your blog. Very cute and I LOVE this post! Too funny. Congrats on having a boy. I also love the dragon cake.