Sunday, April 6, 2008

Conference Weekend with "Nana"

This weekend as most of you know, was General Conference. We were also fortunate to have Mitch's mom (a.k.a. Nana) come over to visit. We had a good time visiting and catching up. On Friday, we got a sitter for the kids and went to see Mitch cousin Antje sing and perform in the Navy Sea Chanters. For those who don't know who or what this is... it is the elite choir of the United States Navy. They perform quite often for the President and all over the U.S. and also the world. They were doing a Northwest United States tour and we were priviledged to hear them perform. Talk about AWESOME!!!!! I could have listened to them all night! The men were so fun to hear and watch and the women had the most incredible voices I've heard! So if any of you ever get the chance to hear them.... DON'T MISS OUT!!!

On Saturday, we just lazed around and watched conference- quite a new experience seeing the First Presidency sustain everyone in the Solemn Assembly. I've never seen that before- at least that I remember, and it was pretty neat. It will be different getting used to President Monson as our new Prophet, but I have no doubt that he is called of God, as are his counselors and the Twelve.

Saturday, rather than teaching her grand kids how to make cream puffs (a new tradition for Nana), my kids talked her into making new blankets, since the ones she made for them as babies were getting too small. So off we go to JoAnn's Fabric to make snuggly fleece blankets.

After picking out the fleece of their choice, we come home and bust out with Cameron's blanket within an hour!!! Wow! This is something I can actually do! Now let's just see if I can do it on my own for the baby blanket!

On Sunday we finished Collin's and Madeline's blankets in the first session of Conference, and the results were darling! Thanks Nana for the snugglies!


Thibodeau fam said...

Carlie your new family photo is really cute!! I love your little boy on the left( his face cracks me up) We need a new photo SOOOO bad, the one I have now is not my favorite.
Anyway~ those blankets look pretty cozy. Take care. Nat

Rob said...

I like the new family photo, too. And the blog redesign is great! I've never met Nana, but if she can convince you to quilt (or make regular blankets), then she must be pretty cool.

Conference was cool, and it was nice to see Pres. Monson. We all miss Pres. Hinckley, though.

Take care, and we'll see you soon (hopefully).


Chris and Miranda Johnson Family said...

It so made my day to find out you have a blog! I about peed my pants at your posting about what you are having! Oh I miss you guys! How are you feeling? 4 kids you are so brave! Isaac has been a really hard baby, I can't imagine having more YET! Hope all is well. I will try to call soon! So we can catch up!

Thibodeau fam said...

Oh Carlie you are too funny!! Actually I am on a NO food ever diet.....YEAH RIGHT!!!! I love food and do eat a lot of it. I just got lucky and was born small. And trust me if you saw me w/out clothes you would see lot's of stretch marks. GRRRRR!

You do look so cute and your hair is way hip!! Love it!

Amber said...

In response to the questions you left on my blog. YES, I definitely HAVE gained weight.'re funny. And no, we don't have a name yet. We're still debating. We made a list up last night though and have narrowed it down to 13 names, with 3-4 being the more favorite ones. Ugh... it's been hard this time for some reason. Just can't find a name I LOVE!! How are you doing? Do you guys have a name? Maybe I can use yours. HA HA...