Tuesday, May 6, 2008

More catching up

So as most of you know what a slacker I am at this blogging stuff, it should not surprise you that I only post something every few weeks! I am even so bad that I forgot to post anything about Mitch's birthday. The actual day was actually May 2. But the celebration started on the 1st, when Cameron slipped about one of the presents we got him. So we let him open his gifts the night before. He got a new down pillow (spoiled and picky), MarioKart game for the Wii, and a board game that he loves called Ticket to Ride- Europe. Small amount of gifts, but they were fun and he loved them! And the kids were excited to start racing!

We had fun that whole weekend though. On Friday, he actually surprised us by showing up at Cameron's power point presentation at school, when he told us that getting off would be dang near impossible. It was such a surprise to see him walk in at 2:30 and be told he was done for the day! What a gorgeous day it was outside too! So we had a nice little family get together with my sister Joni, her kids, and my cousin Lisa and her hubby Brandon, who were staying the night on their way through to Seattle. We played games and laughed and just had a good time!
On Saturday, he did have to work for a few hours, but it was all worth it when I gave him permission (like I really had to twist his arm) to stop on his way home to Cabellas. *Note: never expect a man home on time, when he's never stepped foot in a Cabellas store!!!* But it was okay because we didn't have any plans for the day, except to get ready for our party that night. We had some of our best friends over for a steak dinner and more games! It was really fun too! All in all, I think Mitchell had a great birthday, and we hope to have many more together!


Chris and Miranda Johnson Family said...

Good to hear from you! How is your pregnancy? Have you picked a boy name out? So you never told us how old mitch is turning, I know he robbed the cradle when he married you, but I can't remember what the diff. is. Speaking of that are we really turning 30 this year? AAAH!Next time you are in town we should get together with Natalie.

Cherie said...

HOW ARE YOU??? I was blog surfing (found you from Miranda's blog). Look at your family! It's been SO long! The last I remember was when I just had my oldest (who is now six) and you came over. I remember that you were potty training your son! LOL

Thibodeau fam said...

Happy Birthday Mitch!! Now how old are you these days??? I always knew you were old..ha ha. I turned 30 in Nov and I now realize that there is no looking back.
Carlie, make sure you let me know when you will be in town next~ It would be really fun to get together like Miranda suggested.
See ya~

Thibodeau fam said...

Go read my blog you "shumck"~ jk.)