Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

This past Labor Day weekend, we traveled to Utah for Mitch's family reunion, where we camped at a place called Crystal Hot Springs- just a few miles north of Brigham City. Don't let the name fool you in to thinking you are going to some nice hot spring resort... the place is a total dump! We honestly were wondering if the building was going to collapse any moment! But the fact that it had 3 pools, a big water slide, and a couple of hot tubs made the kids as happy as pigs in poop!
We were told to expect a stormy weekend, but Friday night and Saturday were just beautiful! A few pics of Mitch and the kids while swimming:
Cameron and Madeline loving the pool
Isn't Mitch such a macho man?! Collin saying "cheese"
Creed- just chillin in the shade on mom's lap.
Sunday brought good weather for about half the day, then after the family auction in the afternoon, a huge beyond all huge storm hit! The scary thing was that I could see the sky getting ugly and so I went to put Creed down for a nap in the crib in our tent (which was brand-spanking new) but about halfway there, I stopped and thought to myself..."no, I'll just hold him and let him sleep while I visit with everyone out here." So I went back and about five minutes later, we get slammed with huge gust of wind. It ripped the canopies into the air and it was total chaos! I grabbed Creed and wrapped him in the blanketand ran for the car- lucky it was fairly close. Mitch found our other kids and they ran to the car too. We got in and the hail started! The kids were all scared and crying- they thought it was a tornado! Mitch ran back out to make sure the tent was secure, but when he got back, he was cussing and cursing! He had found that our brand new tent was shredded and the poles had snapped. The crib had collapsed too! I stared at Mitch and told him that I almost put Creed in there for a nap. We just held eachother and thanked Heavenly Father for small miracles and promptings- even when we don't know we are being prompted!
So, our tent was destroyed and all our clothes, sleeping bags and blankets were soaked! Lucky for us, we have a loving cousin who let us stay in their tent- which survived the storm- and her parents let the kids stay in their trailer. The horrible night ended with Collin barfing all night and Creed waking up about 3 different times (he had been sleeping all through the night so far). Needless to say, we were only too happy to get our sopping wet stuff and get out of there Monday morning! Which it was still pouring rain and had been all night long!
The postitive notes? No one was hurt... we have a great family... and Shopko took our ruined tent back with no questions asked! Hmmm- I guess there's always a silver lining.


Jenn J. said...

We camped at Crystal Hot Springs last summer with a bunch of neighbors and friends. It was a lot of fun except for those blasted trains that went BLARING by at 3 a.m every morning. Did you have those? I laughed when I read the part about the place being a total dump. You're so right, but I guess when you're camping, you're just glad to have a running toilet right?
I read your story about the storm and I got chills. I truly, truly believe that we would all be beyond amazed if we knew how often our or our families lives are saved or even all of the little ways we are protected. I'm glad no one was hurt and that you guys were able to take the tent back. :)

Annette said...

What an amazing story about Creed! You guys must be livin' right. That whole experience sure strengthened my kids' testimonies. They were pretty freaked out. I am impressed that you hung in there until Monday.

Groff Family said...

Wow! I would've just packed up and went to a hotel! I'm glad that Creed wasn't in the tent, how scary.

Lacey said...

Carlie, you are a trooper. I have to tell you. Thank you for your testimony about the spirit. It defenitely spoke to me. i was almost in tears when I was reading. Thankyou.

Miranda said...

Wow the swimming looked fun, but the rest no thanks. I am so glad you didn't put little Creed in the tent, how horrible that would have been! Glad you all survived and are home warm and dry!

Thibodeau fam, Aug.2007 said...

I am with Julie and would have are a trooper. So happy that you were okay and little Creed wasn't hurt. Thank goodness for the spirits promptings.

JANEAL said...

So glad to hear you are all okay. I think I would have called it quits and gone home. At least you got a refund on your tent!

Toni said...

crapface! what a crazy holiday weekend! At least you have some good stories to tell. I am glad you at least had good weather for a few days. We were in Logan when the storm hit, I wanted to bust out the hot cocoa, and I wasn't camping! I am so glad that we are being looked after, even when we don't know it.