Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cruise Anyone?

(Note: the following post may cause excitability, racing of the heart, jumping up and down out of control, drooling and relentless begging of your spouse...
the remedy for these symptoms: Don't delay, sign up now, and have the vacation of a lifetime!)
(Another note: for all those who think I can produce such wonderful travel jargon, I thank you for the compliment, but I must give credit to where credit is due... my mom Cathi Stanger, the most awesome travel agent on the planet, wrote this letter and I am just passing it along to all of you!)
Ahoy Mateys!
It's time to plan that dream vacation you've always wanted with family and friends. Many of you were on the Liberty of the Seas last October in the Western Caribbean. The Liberty and her sister ship Independence were the largest ships in the world at the time. But since then you may have heard about a new ship currently being built, the Oasis of the Seas...bigger and more fantastic than ever-- indeed, the largest ship ever built! She makes her debut in December of 2009. In addition to FlowRider, ice shows, rock climbing wall, full court basketball, volleyball and boxing, the new Oasis will have all the above PLUS Central Park, AquaTheater (the outdoor amphitheater), a one-of-a-kind carousel, and the first ever Zip Line at Sea! You name it, it's on the Oasis.
The first couple of years after a ship enters the cruise arena, the prices are very high. The Oasis begins at $1,260 per person lowest inside cabin, not including the addition of mandatory port charges and taxes and fees. You could go as high as $6,000 if you prefer one of the loft suites (I don't know too many who would). With that in mind, I decided to book later in the year- October 9-16, 2010 when prices are much less, on an Eastern Caribbean sailing from Ft. Lauderdale with stops at St. Thomas, St. Maarten, and Nassau, Bahamas as well as some great days at sea with plenty of time to explore the ship and participate in all the fun!
Now this is the good part! I know 2010 sounds like a long way off, but that's the beauty of it! There is no huge outlay of cash up front on this cruise, only $50 per CABIN (not person) deposit is required to hold your space by February 25. This will hold you until July10 of this year when an additional $450 will round out the $500 deposit. Final payment on the cruise will be July 1, 2010. After that, we will be within range of penalties, but up until that time a FULL REFUND of whatever you have paid is possible in case you need to cancel. Another thing you might find appealing is that after the initial $50 deposit, you can make payments whenever you have a little spare cash, so by the time final payment rolls around your cruise is already paid for.
Many of you know how much fun cruising is, and that it is the least expensive "big" vacation you can take--about half the price of Hawaii. It is hotel, meals, entertainment, etc. all rolled into one. So now you may be asking yourself what the prices are for the October 9th, 2010. Before I tell you, let me say that one of the categories, C2, is a balcony overlooking Central Park. This has a canopy shade overhead. There is also a category that is a balcony overlooking the Boardwalk, which is open to the blue skies with views of the outdoor theater. Yes, these are inside cabins with a balcony that are lower than the price of the promenade category on the Liberty. The cruise rate is the first price you see. This is the price ALWAYS advertised by all the cruise lines on any ad. The price underneath is the full price including port charges, taxes, insurance, and fees.
Inside Ins. triple/quad Cent Park Bal Bdwk Balc. Outside Bal.
1st/2nd p.p 1st/2nd 3rd/4th p.p 1st/2nd p.p 1st/2nd p.p 1st/2nd p.p
$710 cruise $710 $320 $920 $990 $1,020
$1,014.48 total $1,014.48 $594.48 $1,254.48 $1,354.48 $1,354.48
Of course, these prices do not include air fare to and from Ft. Lauderdale, but flights won't even go on sale until Dec, 2009 so now is the time to be making deposits on the cruise. As always, the insurance which I have included is optional; however, RCCL is known to have the lowest priced insurance in the industry, and as far out as the sail date is, i strongly recommend having it. There are many unforeseen circumstances which can cause major loss if no insurance has been purchased.
So give this cruise some thought... the newest, largest and most wonderful ship in the world! Remember, the $50 deposit is due before Feb. 25, 2009 (time is running out) and is totally refundable. Tell all your friends, family, those who have cruised with you before, and those who wished they had. As always, I will stay in touch by email and will give you the same great service you've come to expect from Cathi's Fun Trips. And the last word? PASSPORTS MANDATORY!
Cathi's Fun Trips
208-360-2292 (5 am to 8 am, 12 noon to 2:00 p.m., 5 p.m to 9 p.m)
Ok, this is Carlie talking now... doesn't this sound like a blast?! Mitch and I are going... I'm gonna need a break by that time from all the little ones! We hope to see all our friends and family there. This is coming up fast (the $50 deal) so talk it over with your loved ones and plan a really great vacation! If you want to do this, and I know you do... let me or my mom know soon and she will give you all the info and brochures you will need.

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Leisel said...

That sounds like so much fun! We can't take a trip until 2011 but since you posted about this, I got to see what the prices are for cruises and now we're planning a cruise for our trip in 2011. I had no clue they were usually cheaper than land vacations! I hope you guys have a blast on it though... the ship looks awesome.