Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's a love-hate relationship

I don't know how these two will survive their teenage years together! Madeline is just learning how to play the piano and Cam has taken for two years now. He is on a much higher level of playing, he was just trying to help her out.


Melissa said...

They are so cute! Madeline looks just like you! I read your comment on FB about blogging and I am here to say keep blogging! I like FB for the immediate but I blog as a family journal so I can remember my crazy life!

The video of your beautiful baby was so sweet. You are such a strong woman! I pray for continued peace in your lives and healing.

Lacey Green said...

I think they are going to survive their teenage lives just fine! There is a lot of love in those actions. They are good kids.... remember that! Please don't stop blogging! Please know I also blog and love to see your comments on there sometimes as well! Love you!

Jenn J. said...

How have I not scene this yet?! I love it. I'll tell you how they'll survive the teenage years... each other!! :) They're good friends you can tell. Love it.