Sunday, November 4, 2007

Our Families "New-Do's"

Just like the Autumn trees that are shedding their leaves to lighten their load for the winter, our family has followed the same path and shed some weight ourselves! Not actual weight... I wish... but we have all decided to "lighten our loads" by cutting and changing our hair.
I suppose I started all this about a month ago when my sister Katie, who is not afraid to try anything with her hair, talked me into coloring my hair (for the very first time). I was complaining about all the gray hair I had-- yes, I'm only 29 and had a lot of gray hair! Stop laughing all of you my age... you have it too, just lighter hair to hide it!

Anyway, she talked me into coloring it, but I said okay on one condition... we keep it the same color! I didn't want dramatic change. Well lo and behold... when we were all finished, it was black! Not the dark brown it used to be. But it did take Mitch a few hours before he realized his wife "looked like a mexican" according to him. So my hair was quite a bit darker, so I thought "why not add some spunk to it?!" Then I got it cut, and had about 6 inches cut off! I have never had it quite so dramatic, but I've had a lot of compliments on it, and I think I'm starting to like it!
The boys, well Cameron anyway, were growing theirs out for Halloween (so he could have the messy Harry Potter hair). And the day after Halloween, we decided it was time to cut their hair too. So Mitch pulls out the trusty clippers and gives them a buzz so they can spike their hair just like Dad!
Now by this time, you can imagine Madeline is feeling pretty left out! She tells me, "Mom, I want a hair cut too". So I asked her where she wanted it cut, and she pointed to the top of her shoulders... it was in the middle of her back. So I thought "how hard can it be to cut straight across her hair? Well, let me just say, that I have a new deep respect for all you moms who can cut your daughters hair and make it look good! I thought I was doing so good! But the final product looked like Collin cut her hair!!! Let me justify myself by saying that the scissors were incredibly dull!
Needless to say, Mitch said he would be taking her with him in the morning when he got his hair cut so a "professional" could fix it. So the next morning, off they go, and when they got back... I looked at her and my eyes popped out! I can't believe whoever cut that actually claimed to be a professional!!! It was as if I had done it again... only shorter!
So I started bawling and took her over to the girl that cut my hair and she fixed it as best she could without getting it too short! I was pleased with the end results... and I vow to never touch a pair of scissors again! I will stick to my cake decorating. Anyway, here is our new and somewhat improved family. Mitch is never around for pictures, but he looks the same anyway. Just minus the glasses, since he wears contacts and intends to get Lasic next year.


Amber said...

Ooh...I like your haircut and color. It is definitely different. You went for dramatic. Way to go!!! It looks great. So does the kids hair. Madeline is a cutie. She looks just like you.

Jenkins Family said...

LOVE the new do!! If you do indeed look like a Mexican... then you are a beautiful mexican! :) Really though, I love it. Love the color, love the cut. It suits you. :)
I love little Madeline's hair too. She looks all grown up! The boys are all super handsome as well. What a cute family!

Jenkins Family said...

p.s. Cameron looks JUST like Mitch in that picture! :)


Love the hair! You look great! Your kids are so cute!

Katie said...

I LOVE the hair! Of course I love the girl wearing the hair too! I Don't think you look like a Mexically chick! You look like a young hip mom who isn't afraid to step out of the mold!