Friday, November 2, 2007


As much as I dislike Halloween, (I just think it is ridiculous and expensive!) we did have a good time this year, and I even got Mitch to "dress up" a little.
I guess our festivities started a few days before when we carved our pumpkins. Mitch actually did all the carving, no wait, the kids and I pulled all the "goop" out, then he did the rest... thanks babe! The only pictures we got for some reason were of the two that we entered in our ward's pumpkin carving contest-- we took 2nd place! The first carving is of a goblin (side profile) and the second one is a cute bat in front of a moon. The kids picked out these pictures and then they painted their own little pumpkins.

After all the baking and planning class parties (which included Halloween Bingo and a cupcake walk for Cam's class and tons of treats) they finally got to dress up in their costumes for school.

Madeline this year was Tinkerbell- with a twist... Tink usually doesn't have a mask over her eyes, but it's what she wanted. The picture with the coat was at our Trunk-or-Treat, and the other was on her way to school.. painted faces weren't allowed at school, we were pushing it with the swirls on her cheeks!

Cameron was Harry Potter, and next to the real thing, I've never seen a better one! He loved the homemade wand he and his dad made from a stick, spraypaint, electricians tape and a glowing marble! Does that make us rednecks??? Well he loved it anyway, and it saved me $12 for a stinking wand! He loved to pose for pictures, but unfortunately, I forgot his scar at home, we got it at school and the church party though!

Collin's costume was the most fitting of all and we had so many people tell us how that was so "him". He picked out a monkey costume. He loved to put it on and dance around with his arms under his armpits or over his head while saying "oo oo, ee ee". What a cute kid! And when he saw his sister with face paint, of course, he wanted it too. I have no clue how to paint a monkey face! We had a lot of people ask if he was a lion or tiger... does he look like a lion or tiger to you? Me neither! Oh well, i never claimed to be an artist!

And Finally, here is Mitch and I's costumes. The kids told me to be a vampire this year, so I did. I don't think I have ever dressed up before, and now that I can say I've done it... I don't thinkI'll do it again... especially since this is the extent of Mitch's dressing up.

I need to burn that silly wig of his! I told him he'd make an awesome Dracula or even Captain Jack Sparrow... but no, he doesn't do costumes! Oh well, we're glad it's over, now we get to deal with the sugar rushes from kids and all that fun stuff! I guess you all probably do too! Hope you all had a safe and fun Halloween! Now we get to go clean it all off our faces! fun stuff!


Jenkins Family said...

Awesome costumes! You guys were great sports to dress up too. It takes all I have to get my kids dressed up... let alone myself! You all look fabulous. And I LOVE Mitch's shirt. Fabulous pumpkins too!

Rob said...

Carlie, excellent celebration of our favorite pagan holiday! I must say that the costuming is excellent. Love the vampire and Harry outfits...actually they're all good. Mitch is NOT a treat...perv.