Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Our Little Dancer

Okay so Madeline's dance recital was actually in the middle of May, and it is now the end of May, but all of you who know me, this should not come as a shock to you! I just wanted to post a little about Madeline and her dance performance. The recording I made is actually the dress rehearsal, and lucky for us, she was a lot more smiley during the actual performance! I kept wondering why she wasn't smiling at all... aparently she was focusing on her teacher on the front row- who wasn't there during their recital. She was just beautiful! Even Cameron's jaw dropped when he saw her come down the stairs... he said "wow, you look really pretty!" That was a proud mother moment!

Madeline has been dancing for two years now and she really likes it. She's not the top in her class, but her teacher says she's right up there with them. Personally, I think she's the best because she's trying her best! I think she is a little doll and I love to see her perform and come out of her shell.

So without further ado... may I present, Madeline McClellan's 2008 Studio C dance recital (dress rehearsal) I apologize for my giggling! It was too cute!

And when it was over, her daddy presented her with flowers and she was on cloud 9! She wanted to go out in the hall and "pose" for some pictures. Apparently she wanted to do some pretty cheesy poses, but Mitch just smiled and clicked the camera anyway. She's got him wrapped around her little finger!


Thibodeau fam said...

What do you mean she is not in the top of her class??? She was quite good if you ask me and I love that song:) It reminds me of the older version of the Parent Trap, remember that movie?

She looks JUST like you Carlie!!

Lacey and Joe said...

Carlie you did say she was in the top of her class, right? that's what I read, and she is!! She is a fantastic dancer, and a really flirty personality on stage! We love you Madaline!!! Cute photos!

Cherie said...

What a cutie! My little girl has been begging to take dance for over a year now, so I think I will enroll her this fall. She will love it!

Miranda said...

What a doll! I loved hearing your laugh on the video, it makes me miss you! Tell Mitch nice touch with the flowers!

Pebbles said...

Well said.