Saturday, May 31, 2008

Just a precaution

I just wanted to post a little note explaining why I changed my last post. It has been brought to my attention that having a picture of my little boy and his rash with his unit partly showing, could attract all kinds of problems with sick-0's out there. So due to the sad situation of this world, I took that part of the blog out. And for those of you who are concerned, Collin's rash did go away, and his hole in his mouth is slowly healing, and we had a much better weekend!

We actually just got back from the public library- there was a summer reading kickoff carnival. We were there for two hours, the kids had fun, Mitch was frazzled beyond belief, and my feet and ankles were the size of softballs! GRRRRR.... 4 weeks can't come soon enough! Gotta love pregnancy!


Thibodeau fam said...

I guess you can't ever be to careful with what we post on the internet. How sad is that:) Sorry to hear about the ankle thing...crappy. Oh I don't miss those days!

Amber said...

Good luck girl. I don't enjoy being pregnant either. Glad to hear his rash cleared up and that your weekend was a little better than the previous days.

The Chandlers said...

so this is actually a pretty weird post considering this is the first time i've even stumbled onto your blog. but i'm glad to see you have one too!
oh, and as you already know...i can TOTALLY relate to the fat cankles! we pregers will just stick together!