Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What Next!!!!

Dare I ask???? This week has been quite a doosy- well the past two days to be exact. We found out on Tuesday morning that Cameron's wrist has been broken since Thursday and I finally took him in after the long Memorial weekend! He injured it on Thursday playing soccer at school. He came home with it wrapped up, but the school nurse said she thought it was just bruised and she wrapped it for support. Then on Friday, we were told that he fell in P.E. and hurt it again. We wondered if we should take him to the doctor to get it x-rayed before our trip, but we just wanted to get out of town and he said it was feeling okay. Sooo.... three days and much favoring later... we go to the doctor. Even the doc said he didn't think it was broken, but we took x-rays anyway. Sure enough... there it was, as plain as day, a clean break in the bone! So they put him in this splint for a couple days until we could get him in a cast. I'll post a picture with Cameron and his cast later. (Again, I apologize for the red eyes... any photography help?)

Then on Wednesday, Collin decided to bust his lip open and split his top front tooth in half!
I was in the shower when it happened, but Madeline said he tripped and smashed his mouth into a bar on the weight bench in our room. All I know is that when I got out of the shower, he was crying and bleeding all over the place!
I totally freaked out and called Mitch and told him to come home, which he did. I got Collin right in to the dentist office and after two attempts at the numbing shot, and one attempt with the laughing gas, they told us that he was not calming down enough to be able to do it. He was hysterical!!! So they sent us to the pediatric dentist next door to see if they could do any better. Can I just say... why do parents even waste time at regular dentists for their children? We should have gone to the pediatric dentist in the first place! They gave him some medicine that made him quite drunk- I wish you all could have seen it! Poor little guy couldn't even walk! Then they took him back and pulled the tooth and had him back in 10 minutes! Granted he was drunker than a skunk, but he was smiling his little toothless fat-lipped smile... eyes crossed and all! Then the medicine started to wear off and he wasn't so happy.

Here is Collin, at home and still loopy. Not so smiley.

I finally got somewhat of a smile out of him a little bit later... fat lip and all

Opening up as best he can to let me see his "owee"...

So you can't really see it, but his front tooth is now gone! Poor little guy, he's had a very traumatizing day... we'll be lucky if he agrees to ever go back to the dentist again!
And speaking of dentist, the pediatric dentist just called and asked how Collin was doing and followed up with instructions for how to care for him- what an awesome guy! He also said that it will be a long long while before that tooth ever comes in. (Just like his sister, and hers won't come in until she's 8 or 9 also!)
Talk about a freaking stressful past two days! What's next? Me going into labor 4 weeks early??? Wouldn't that just be the icing on the cake! Please keep your fingers crossed that we will have no more excitement around our house for a little while! Or better yet... pray!


Cherie said...

Oh Carlie! What a week! Good luck from here on out!

Miranda said...

Wow, my turn to swear for you! Well if all that didn't put you into labor I think you will be fine! Did the rash go away?

Thibodeau fam said...

Hello, talk about a bad week:) Oh man I am so sorry!! Just when you think life is going smooth...a kid breaks his arm and etc... crazy days of motherhood!
How are you feeling anyway? How many more weeks left?

Katie said...

I am glad that the rash went away! Tell Cam I am sorry his arm is hurt! Hope he gets a cool cast! I just updated my blog. Nothing fancy. Love you. Katie